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NCS and Pushpay have teamed up to offer a Comprehensive Giving Program- one that seamlessly pulls church member names and addresses from your ChMS to facilitate the NCS envelope mailing program.


It’s Time To Get Your Mailing Program Started

What you need to know.

• NCS Solutions has integrated with Pushpay’s ChMS
• With your ParishStaq membership, you are also now enrolled in Our Mailing Program!
• You have our Commitment to Excellence, and we ensure that you will have the best
possible experience when customizing your mailing program!



When you become an NCS mailing program customer, our software automatically pulls your membership information: Each Member’s Name, Member’s Address. 

Depending on the frequency selected (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly), the system will email the administrator—your point of contact—to remind them when we will pull down the membership list for the mailing.

This process aims to reduce administrative time for your church.

Our Program Includes Postage!

Rest assured, you’ll have a dedicated Stewardship Representative ready to answer any questions you may have regarding integration.

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