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Solutions for Every Church Budget

Every church is different. That’s why at NCS Solutions we offer a wide variety of quality offering envelopes designed to meet the unique needs of each and every church we serve. From Mailing Programs that improve communication and contributions, to specialty envelopes for different funds and collections, we have everything your church needs to grow and prosper!

Boxed Sets

Simplify your giving system with one of our boxed set programs! One of our signature products, each boxed set contains a year’s supply of weekly envelopes (52 or 53) for one church member or family.

Boxed sets are one of the easiest ways to ensure a member has an envelope for every service and promotes continued giving throughout the year.

Boxed sets orders begin at 20 sets.

Bulk Envelopes

Increase the efficiency of your giving program while also making it easier for visitors to contribute by adding bulk envelopes to your giving system.

Bulk envelopes (also called pew or loose envelopes) are typically placed inside the church and serve as a constant reminder of the importance of giving.

Pre-printed bulk envelopes are sold in increments of 100.
Custom bulk envelopes are sold in increments of 1,000.

Mailing Program

Engage your members, improve your efficiency, and provide reporting, all while reducing your staff’s workload. Frustrated with your current envelope partner?  Are the costs outweighing the benefits? 

Learn more about how we simplify your giving and why our program is a cut above the rest!

Specialty Envelopes

We have envelope templates for almost everything — from Mother’s Day to Holy Days and Youth Giving Programs, we have special envelopes to enable giving. Looking for an envelope you don’t see in our store? We have many more specialized envelopes available. Contact us for more information!

Contribution Reporting

Contribution statements are an important administrative task for every church and organization. They keep your members informed and are essential for tax season. At NCS, this is something we handle for you!

As part of your Mailing Program, we send contribution reporting to every member receiving envelopes, that keeps them updated on their giving history.

Our reporting saves you time at the end of the year, reduces reporting expenses and can even lead to an increase in giving!

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